About Us

Very few people get an opportunity to fulfill their dreams and I am lucky enough to exhibit my passion and my dream to all of you through Studio Dharma. It was always my passion to capture anything and everything in my lens, things that I find attractive or beautiful be it a random street or a landscape or anything mesmerizing. Professionally I am a jeweler by the name of Dharma Jewellers (Dharam Das Hans Kumar Jain & sons, Meerut). I love to explore my city and its surroundings and I want people to know about the vast history of my city and how there are so many hidden gems around us which we were not aware of or rather we ignore them knowingly or unknowingly. Through my lens, I try my best to bring these historical gems before you all so that they get the attention they deserve. "I always carry a DSLR in my pocket, that's my iPhone" so that I can instantly capture the moment no matter wherever I am and present it to all of you.

Nikhil Jain
Studio Dharma