Architectural ruins

Maulaheri palace

Sometimes back this Maulaheri palace was used to being proud of the western U.P but now lying in ruins. Maulaheri Jats is a a family of Jats (Panwar gotra) that derives its name from the village of Maulaheri, situated on the banks of the Hindon River, in the district of Muzaffarnagar in western Uttar Pradesh. The Maulaheri Jats were the most prominent family of Jat landlords in western Uttar Pradesh. To quote The Imperial Gazetteer of India 1901- Gazetteer of Muzaffarnagar, "The chief Jat landholder in the district is Chaudhri Ghasiram, the son of Chaudhri Jawahir Singh of Maulaheri in tahsil Muzaffarnagar. He is the head of the great family of Maulaheri Jats, and owns twelve villages, paying a revenue of Rs. 9736. Of these six lie in Baghra, three in Muzaffarnagar, two in Khatauli and one in Bhuma Sambalhera. The Maulaheri Jats came into prominence during the Third battle of Panipat. One of the ancestors of the Maulaheri Jats had risen to become a General in the Maratha Army and was in charge of the outpost of the Marathas at Shukartal, on the river Ganges. When the Marathas lost the Third battle of Panipat, Ahmed Shah Abdali rewarded all his allies including Najib-ul-Daula with gold and precious stones, among other things. Najib-ul-Daula was returning victorious from Panipat when he was ambushed at Shukartal by the Maratha outpost and relieved of all his precious belongings by the Maulaheri General. As a consequence, Najib-ul-Daula also had to surrender the Doab. The Jat General from Maulaheri became famous for this act, and was given a jagir in Maulaheri, giving rise to the name. The Maulaheri Jats grew in prominence over the years and became the most distinguished and respected family among the Jats in western Uttar Pradesh. At one point, the family owned over 36,000 acres of land, in over 20 villages. The family also built two beautiful palaces in Maulaheri, which are in ruins now. Chaudhri Ghasiram Singh of the Maulaheri family, who was the chief landholder in Muzaffarnagar district, built a fort across the Kaali river and established Ghasipura in present-day Uttar Pradesh. It is said that Chaudhri Ghasiram Singh was to be awarded the title of raja, however, due to his untimely demise, the announcement could not be formalized. Maulaheri Palace

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